Holidays for all

In a diverse society, too many religious groups want school holidays, reports CNN. If the Jews get off for High Holy Days, the Muslims want a few days off too, and then the Hindus and Buddhists feel left out.

Some districts mark “special observance days” when no test or exam can be scheduled. Other districts find inspiration in the business world — each student gets a number of “floating” days to celebrate his or her own holidays with an excused absence.

. . . New Jersey’s board of education now lists 76 excused religious holidays, from Russian Orthodox to Sikh.

The Ed Wonk wants a teacher’s holiday every other Monday. Three-Day Weekendism probably has more adherents than a number of better-known religions.

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  1. That is not as bad as the demand of MSU students, and other state college flunkies: they now have Monday, Tuesday Wednesday class schedules so they can have Thursday and Friday off to extend their weekends.

  2. Sounds like the Fort Mudge four-day week. Sunday, Friday, and two Saturdays.

  3. Excuse me, I think that should have been spelled Saddurdays.

  4. Yes, the university releases a two-page list of religious holidays every year. With over 6,000 students every academic year, our course had to do something, so we instituted a policy where we just scheduled exams and due dates. Anyone who has a conflicting religious holiday must submit a form BEFORE the project is due, or oops, too bad.

    It’s the only possible solution.

  5. Indigo Warrior says:

    Satanday, what a day!