Who will guard the guardians?

FBI agents raided the home of Brenda Belton, who monitors 17 charter schools for the District of Columbia school board, as well as raiding the office of a company she hired. The FBI is investigating “the possible misuse of hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal and city funds, school board officials and law enforcement sources said,” reports the Post. The D.C. Public Charter School Board, which oversees two-thirds of the city’s charter schools, is not under investigation.

DC Education Blog follows the story here and here. Mark Lerner suggests letting the DC Public Charter School Board oversee all the district’s charter schools, taking the school district’s bureacracy out of the picture entirely.

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  1. But why should we be surprised at apparent corruption here? The whole DC school system is a disaster, as is the DC government, for that matter.

    Congress made a serious error in home rule for the district, as both the general government of the district and it’s schools have gone from awful to abysmal.

  2. Walter E. Wallis says:

    D.C. should be given back to Virginia and Maryland with the exception of the government lands. Congress makes a poor landlord, among other deficiencies.

  3. Walter, the areas of DC on the south bank of the Potomac (all of Arlington County and part of the City of Alexandria, but interestingly NOT the southern half of the river itself) were retroceded to Virginia in 1847. The rest would thus revert entirely to Maryland.

    That’ll never happen, though. Congress doesn’t want to make Maryland even MORE solidly Democratic, and Maryland doesn’t want the hassle of another major city to deal with (Baltimore’s more than headache enough).