Who gets a voucher?

Parents who’ve sent their kids to private schools may be enrolling them in low-performing public schools in the hopes of qualifying for a voucher — worth $4,250 for elementary students or $5,000 for high school — to pay private-school tuition. At any rate, the Ohio Department of Education suspects non-needy parents are signing their kids up for schools they have no intention of letting them attend.

In Columbus, enrollment is rising slightly in half the schools so bad that students qualify for vouchers. Kindergarteners or charter students in the school’s attendance area are eligible for vouchers, but what about older students who’ve been homeschooled or gone to private schools? Some of these students come from families of modest income who’ve sacrificed to pay for alternatives.

In Cincinnati, eight Catholic school students enrolled in a low-rated public school for the last two days of the school year. The local parochial school charges $2,475 for in-parish students and $4,850 for out-of-parish students, notes the Cincinnati Enquirer.

So far, only 2,500 students have applied for Ohio’s EdChoice vouchers; 14.000 are available.

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