Voters reject preschool measure

California voters soundly defeated — apparently by a 60-40 margin — a ballot measure that would have raised taxes on the wealthy to fund half-day preschool for all four-year-olds.

“Prop. 82 sounded really good, but the more I looked at it, the more I realized it was subject to shenanigans,” said David Yomtov, a San Jose resident who said he voted against it. “Kids should go to preschool, but it didn’t sound like Prop. 82 would help the families who most needed the help.”

The major newspapers in the state editorialized against the initiative, which would have spent billions to fund a very modest increase in the number of children attending preschool. The governor has a much cheaper preschool plan targeted at children in enrollment areas of low-performing schools, though it hasn’t received much publicity yet.

Update: Here’s a useful time line from School Me.

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  1. Wayne Martin says:

    Let’s hope this one stays down.

  2. I wonder how much money the CTA spent on that losing battle.

  3. Wayne Martin says:

    > How much did the CTA spend?

    Here is a link to the CA Secretary of State WEB-site which lists the spending of those supporting and opposing this proposition:


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