Unreliable research

No single study of national charter school performance is rigorous enough to be reliable, concludes a report by the National Charter School Research Center. After reviewing more than 40 evaluationsof charter school performance from 2000 to 2005, the panel “found that the studies evaluating charter schools nationally or across states were all “fair” to “poor.” The report suggests looking for patterns in multiple research studies rather than relying on one study.

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  1. Walter E. Wallis says:

    Why not look at the reportpreparers?

  2. Prof210 says:

    Charter schools must inevitably be as different as those obtaining the charters. It MIGHT be possible to compare KIPP schools with other schools .. but to lump all charters together merely ensures that the study will fail to inform.

  3. This is probably a reasonable result, but it matches or exceeds most of the research being done in education.

    A significant part of the problem with modern education is the complete lack of rigor in the studies that are determining what and how to teach.

    I’m certainly ready to believe that there are some really poor charter schools out there. But, if parents have a real choice, sooner or later the good schools will emerge.

    If no real choice, we’re just going to continue to slide down the tubes while watching costs increase without limit.