The six-year-old felon

A six-year-old special education student in Florida was arrested and charged with a felony for kicking a teacher’s aide in the ankle. The little girl was held for several hours at a juvenile jail before being released to her mother.

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  1. This does seem extreme, but I’m going to guess that the school wanted to push the most extreme penalty on the student, for other-than obvious reasons. In cases where the student has been a serious problem in the past, but the parents won’t deal with it, it’s a way of getting the behavior on record. It also bypasses an administrative override. Those are common when the family makes a stink. Sometimes, those little darlings get away with murder, and teacher actions are overriden.

    It may also have been just the last straw. If the student has been hurting other kids, it’s a way to force the parent to agree to a class separate from the other kids.

    At my school, there’s a kid that has been wandering the halls, rather than staying in class. He bothers the other classes, and is making no academic progress. At the absolute last minute of the IEP conference, after all were agreed that the kid needed to be in a Special Ed classroom (called self-contained), the mother refused to sign.

    Yeah, it may have been a legalistic ploy, but, it also protects the employee. Why the heck should being kicked by a kid be a regular part of the job? That’s worse than being a prison guard. At least THOSE employees get the satisfaction of knowing that the guilty party gets punished.

  2. Or it could just be that the district has a zero tolerance policy with regard to assault. If there’s no wiggle-room in the wording then an administrator might decide, against common sense, to obey the letter of the policy rather then go out on a limb and ignore it.