You meet through an online dating service, get married and soon you’re going to an online babysitter service such as, and

Each operates much like a Web dating service, in that the host site doesn’t legally vouch for its registered sitters. Sittercity requires a reference from each sitter, and it allows the posting of eBay-style feedback, but it does not, for example, conduct criminal background checks.

Parents and negotiate rates, which typically run from $10 to $15 an hour. I don’t know how that compares to rates charged by the typical teenage girl down the street, assuming such girls still exist.

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  1. My local 16 year old told me the going rate here in Austin is 3-5 dollars an hour. [I pay her 5 because she’s responsible and great and I want her to prioritize me if she gets multiple offers for the same day. Heh.]