Recruiting educators

New Jersey National Guard recruiters are going after educators, reports AP.

They ride Black Hawk helicopters, fire mock assault rifles in combat simulators and can learn what it’s like to drive a Humvee. Some are so excited they want pictures of themselves holding guns.

But these enthusiasts aren’t about to join the military. They’re principals, teachers, coaches and mentors — people who New Jersey military recruiters believe hold the key to getting more high school students interested in the armed forces.

Enlistments are way up since the program began.

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  1. The reporter goes to some pains to make it clear that the teachers didn’t shoot real assault rifles.

    I suppose that’s a step up from inserting an editorial in a news story about the futility of violence and the awfulness of war.

  2. At my school we teachers received an invitation from the Marine Corps to go to an induction center (Pendleton? 29 Palms?) and interact with both Marines and recruits. I’m sure that when you see that you’re dealing with real people and not abstract “military people in uniform”, it’s a lot harder to hate, or perhaps it’s easier to “support the troops”.

    I’m all for it. If I were available on the dates they offered, I’d be there.