Newcomer valedictorians

Looking at the Boston Globe’s photos of valedictorians, blogger Harry Forbes of Squaring the Globe noticed that nearly two-thirds of top students are immigrants or come from immigrant families.

1st or 2nd generation US 63.2%
Later than 2nd generation US 32.8%

Born in the US 52.6%
Born overseas 47.4%

Via Opinion Journal, which criticizes blogger John Ray’s comments on the WASP shortage: Among non-immigrant students, only three or four valedictorians appear to be white; there are quite a few black female valedictorians. Ray suspects valedictorians aren’t being chosen for academic achievement. Opinion Journal responds:

So if WASPs are underperforming in one particular area, it has to be the result of “political correctness”? This sounds suspiciously similar to the diversity industry’s claims that any disparity that disfavors minorities has to be the result of racism.

I don’t think WASPs make up a large percentage of the public school enrollment in Boston. I did notice three Albanian immigrants among the 38 valedictorians, which has to be disproportionate.

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  1. But Albany is only a little west of Boston.

  2. Nels Nelson says:

    As I notice your link doesn’t work, here’s the url (I intentionally didn’t make it a link) to the John Ray post, assuming you want to give free publicity to a site that, based on a quick glance, can’t seem to make up its mind whether it’s immigrants, Blacks, or Jews that are most to blame for the decline of America.

  3. Jack Tanner says:

    One other thing is that a lot of the schools with ‘Academy of this and that’ are the subdivisions of the old Dorchester High and West Roxbury High. Also a number of the high schools and charters don’t seem to be represented. Not to diminish the accomplishments of any of the kids but I’m not sure what you can draw from these photos.

  4. No, I’ve known some Albanians in America, and they’re generally a sharp bunch. After only a few years in the country, they speak, read, and write better English than most of the natives. Add that to the fact that many of the Eastern Europeans are far superior in math, and it’s not unlikely.

  5. carpeicthus says:

    You do realize Ray, who you’re linking to, is pretty much running a hate site. Jews are “crafty,” the most important thing in the world is to preserve the white race… even, strangely, an iea about world population that makes Malthus look level-headed. Check out the comments… been a while since I’ve seen the term “negro buck.”

  6. That site does include posts hostile to non-whites and crafty Jews. However, I don’t consider linking a form of approval. It’s a way to let readers go to the source and see the full post for themselves.