New ‘working papers’

Education Working Paper Archive has published new papers:

— “Weighted Student Formula: Putting Funds Where They Count in Education Reform,” by Bruce S. Cooper, Timothy R. DeRoche, William G. Ouchi, Lydia G. Segal, and Carolyn Brown, June 5, 2006

— “School Achievement of Pupils from the Lower Strata in Public, Private, Government-Dependent and Private Government-Independent Schools: A Cross-National Test of the Coleman-Hoffer Thesis,” by Rense Corten and Jaap Dronkers, June 5, 2006

— “Leaving Boys Behind: Public High School Graduation Rates,” by Jay P. Greene and Marcus A. Winters, June 5, 2006

The paper on school achievements looks at the achievement of disadvantaged students in public, private and independent, government-funded schools in Europe, New Zealand and the U.S. When other factors are controlled, disadvantaged students with “less cultural capital” do best at independent, government-funded schools, which tend to have a more supportive school climate. Private schools “are also more effective for pupils from large families or low status families.”

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