Chastity again

Chastity hasn’t vanished from college campuses, reports the Christian Science Monitor. A “confident minority” is rejecting the sexual culture and waiting for marriage — or, at least, for true love.

You won’t find Cristina Barba’s shorts advertising “JUICY” across the backside. Nor will her necklines plunge or her belly button make an appearance. And when she dates, the 22-year-old Penn State grad may part with a simple kiss. But that’s it. She’s saving herself for marriage and doing whatever it takes to hold true to her intentions.

Ms. Barba is an alien, it seems, in a culture draped in ever more aggressive layers of sexuality. By many accounts, the random hookup has become this generation’s peck on the cheek.

About 70 percent of 19-year-olds have had sexual intercourse says a researcher quoted in the story.

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