‘What Education Schools Aren’t Teaching’

According to a new report, “What Education Schools Aren’t Teaching About Reading and What Elementary Teachers Aren’t Learning,” by the National Council on Teacher Quality, 85 percent of education schools aren’t teaching prospective teachers how to teach reading effectively. NCTQ analyzed 222 required reading courses from 72 schools of education. Most colleges and universities are “either turning their backs on the science or have abdicated their responsibility to prepare teachers to be effective teachers of reading,” said NCTQ President Kate Walsh. Go to the NCTQ site for the link to the full report on pdf.

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  1. Cardinal Fang says:

    This study is worthwhile reading, not only for teachers (so they can learn where their education schools have failed them) but for parents (so they can learn how their children should be taught).

    The short message of the study: Whole language? Bad! Phonics? Not enough, probably bad as offered. Both sides of the war are wrong, but even though we know how to teach reading, we’re not teaching teachers to teach reading. The five basic components of reading instruction are “systematic teaching of phonemic awareness and phonics, guided oral reading to improve fluency, direct and indirect vocabulary building and exposure to a variety of comprehension strategies.”

  2. Last I heard, Margaret Moustafa was still teaching ed school students at CSU LA, and she refuses to give up on whole language.

  3. Cardinal Fang says:

    It’s not just Margaret Moustafa, whoever she is, and it’s not just whole language advocates. Read the report. Hardly any education schools are teaching students how to teach kids to read. Evidently, the strategies to use are known and proven, but the teachers aren’t learning them and aren’t using them. It’s a tragedy.

  4. Fatherofyoungones says:

    We are teaching education’s new teachers the maze of diversity agendas, to be aware of each child’s well-hidden worth, and to speak the edu-babble that is modern educational insider jargon.

    We are not, as the report indicates, teaching them to teach.

  5. Cardinal Fang says:

    It’s worse than that, Fatherofyoungones. The teachers do have courses in how to teach reading. There are reading classes in among the edubabble and the self-esteem junk, but the reading classes teach wrong things. They teach wrong ways to teach reading.

  6. BadaBing says:

    Schools of education teach important stuff like how to deconstruct your whiteness and that there’s no such thing as truth and that nothing is better than anything else. It’s helped me a lot. Really.

  7. Indiana says:

    In regard to Cardinal Fang’s comment, it is time to end the “wars” between the whole language and phonics supporters. Scientifically based reading research fully acknowledges the need for classrooms that celebrate quality children’s literature. However, the skills of reading are best taught through direct, systematic instruction. When “balanced” literacy is truly balanced, we have the best of both worlds. The study brings home the fact, however, that “balanced literacy” is a farce in most classrooms.

  8. I’ve pulled out the list of authors and works not taught, but should be, from the NCTQ report. List is here: