The great debate begins

On Edspresso, I’m debating universal preschool with Susanna Cooper of Preschool California. We’ll be at this all week.

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  1. The debate on universal pre school is interesting is that the argument for is framed toward getting children to succeed in kindergarten. Have we wondered if we’re putting too much emphasis on kindergarten? We’re Americans stationed in Germany and we send our kids to the local German public schools. Here, kindergarten and pre-school (both part time and part of the same school, first grade is the fist class in elementary school) is for social maturation, and it is first grade when children learn their letter-a-day and numbers. Yet, Germany, while locally debating their own school system, comes out ahead of the US in the PISA studies. Viewed from the outside, there is too much pressure in the states from parents to have their children getting into the right pre school, kindergarten, etc. Have we looked at if we’re putting too much pressure on kids and not letting them be kids?