This Week in Education links to an Alexa chart showing which of five education blogs gets the most daily page views.

Education News (not really a blog, but sorta) leads the pack, with Joanne Jacobs right up there. Eduwonk and The Education Wonks seem to be gaining ground — or maybe the others are declining.

My unique visits have been holding steady, somewhat to my surprise. There’s a lot of competition for the edublog reader out there.

It is hard to keep going as a solo blogger. I had dinner with Kimberly Swygert, late of Number 2 Pencil, when I was in Philadelphia last week. She was just back from her honeymoon. I may talk her into guestblogging for me when I’m on my honeymoon in August.

Update: Education News plans to start a blog.

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  1. “I’m on my honeymoon in August.”


  2. Walter E. Wallis says:

    Since you are not listed, is anyone planning a chivaree?

  3. Congrats on the honeymoon! And at the risk of being incredibly selfish, please don’t even think about closing this blog! It’s pretty much the only one I visit regularly.