Parents as bullies

In Milwaukee schools, parents are the new bullies, reports the Journal-Sentinel. Some attack teachers; others go for students they believe have bullied their children.

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  1. Alex Bensky says:

    It isn’t just Milwaukee. I represent claimants in hearings for unemployment benefits in Michigan and a few weeks ago I had a client who worked for a charter school in Detroit. She quit and under the law needed to show “good cause attributable to the employer.” She had a number of reasons, oe of which was security.

    Besides the gun and a number of other weapons that had been brought to school she told me that she looked out her (broken and never washed) classroom windows one day and saw about ten women attack a girl, shouting that the girl was a lesbian and had looked at their daughters the wrong way.

    Incidentally, this was all that was ever alleged, that the lesbian student had looked at their daughters. At no time before or after did any of the mothers claim that the hapless girl had said or done anything.

    Anyway, my client watched in amazed horror as all these women piled on the student. The principle and the school security guard came out, learned what was going on–and got into the fight. My client assured me that they weren’t making an inept attempt to separate the combatants but were in fact jumping into the fracas.

    We had other factors and the administrative law judges don’t go into details as to why they find as they do, but we won the case.

  2. It sounds like “helicopter parents” are old hat – now meet the “gunship parents”…

  3. Scott Elliott says:

    Even though I am a journalist and I’ve covered schools for nearly a decade, I was shocked at the account in the Journal-Sentinel story of the violent attack of a teacher which took place in front of her class.

    What a terrible trauma for the teacher and for the kids. My own daughter is also in first grade. When she’s something disturbing on TV (recent example was video of a roadside bomb explosion in Iraq on the evening news), she thinks about it for weeks. I know because I will get questions for days and days about why it happened and why the people involved acted the way they did.

    You can see how damaging it must be for kids who witness violence up close on a continuing basis. My daughter loves her first grade teacher very much and cherishes the safety of her class. I think she would react very badly to seeing her teacher hurt or knowing that violence can penetrate the safety of her school room. It would be terrifying for her, as I’m sure it is for kids who see this stuff all the time.