Judging teacher quality

Two nonprofit boards that certify teachers commissioned studies to see if students learned more when taught by teachers certified as excellent. Linda Seebach looks at the results:

Teachers who pass the subject and teaching tests developed by the American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence have students who do better in school, especially in math, compared to students whose teachers didn’t pass the tests. The board aims to get career changers into teaching, with a focus on math.

By contrast, the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards study — the “overview” is posted, but not the study — shows little difference in effectiveness between teachers who earn the credential and those who don’t.

Update: Eduwonk has more.

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  1. I’m convinced that National Board certification is useless. ABCTE Master Teacher certification may have something going for it since it stresses teacher knowledge of content, something National Board certification does not.

  2. Indigo Warrior says:

    People who talk that way tend to flock together, and if students want to spend their entire undergraduate career talking mainly to people who all think alike, that’s their lookout.

    That of course is one agendum of public schools. After twelve years of brainwashing through forced conformity, the students are more receptive to the political content of college instruction.

    They get to take courses such as “Facilitating Peaceful Community Change,” where they “are encouraged to apply concepts of life experiences and to examine themselves as change agents.” Or “Implementing Social and Environmental Change,” where they “develop an understanding of the use of democracy for positive social change, identify how changes are initiated within movements, and learn the theory and practice of effective and responsible change efforts.”

    All this change on the part of the students had better be in the same direction as their masters. Velvet-glove smiling-cobra fascism in action.