Foster kids to boarding school

Instead of high-priced children’s homes, British authorities hope to send up to 2,000 foster children to boarding schools.

Dismal outcomes are the norm despite the £2.5 billion a year spent looking after (foster children). It costs £100,000 a year to keep a child in a children’s home, more than four times the fees at top private schools such as Eton or Winchester.

Of course, boarding schools aren’t likely to work for the most troubled children, but they could provide a better alternative for some children.

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  1. Walter E. Wallis says:

    Parents seldom spend 100 grand per child to raise a child. Any system that costs this much is obviously corrupt. Send some people to prison and watch the cost come down.

  2. kparker says:

    That’s a lot of money. We’re going to have an empty nest starting next fall. Do you suppose H.M.’s government could send a couple of the foster kids over? I’d be willing to have there airfare take out of our £200,000!

  3. That’s not 100,000 US, it’s 100,000 POUNDS! Something like $175,000.


  4. That’s not necessarily 100,000 pounds to the foster parents. It might be 10,000 to the foster parents, and 90,000 to social workers and other bureaucrats who “oversee” the foster child system. Of course, in the latter case boarding schools aren’t going to save any money – not that I’d expect them to anyhow, short of the “school” resembling Oliver Twist’s orphanage…

  5. 10,000 / 90,000: WHY why why do people continue to think the government is GOOD at this sort of thing and ought to be given more of it to do?