Floppy breasts

Traumatized in junior high by the floppy breasts and flabby buttocks in the girls’ locker room, Cathy Seipp comments on the USC instructor who posted topless photos of herself online — for feminist reasons — and discovered that various people have various opinions about her breasts. The Internet is not a fine and private place, as it turns out.

Cardinal Martini has gripes about the instructor’s comments, including the charge that her critics are “unAmerican.”

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  1. Indigo Warrior says:

    Cathy Seipp:

    My personal problem with those pictures is they bring back bad memories of junior high gym, when I encountered for the first time that particular floppy style and was so alarmed I wrote about it in detail for a “What I Don’t Like About School” assignment for Health class.

    It’s really barbaric for government schools to force young people into feeling ashamed of their bodies, and what more using the old “it’s for your own good” excuse for edu-sadism.

    If governments and do-gooders really want young people to have healthy bodies; they would scrap the status quo of physical education and sports cultism. Kids should be able to do all this on their own time – or not, if it’s not in their cards. At best, provide free personal gym equipment time plus a gentle mature adult fully-evolved personal trainer to those kids that need one.

    What I didn’t realize then is this is just a common genetic variation, apparent even in teenage girls in suburban Orange County, and not confined (as I’d previously assumed) to nursing tribeswomen in National Geographic specials.

    In other words, true diversity.

  2. Walter E. Wallis says:

    Disgusting! Next you will be posting pictures of Senior Senators from New England states with beer guts hanging over their Speedos.

  3. That instructor really *is* annoying. She throws a temper tantrum any time someone is less than extremely rabid about events along the lines of Take Back the Night. I mean, we all have our “pet” causes, you shouldn’t demand that other people be incredibly invested in yours because yours is soooooo much more important. This instructor doesn’t exactly go to all other events and demonstrations on campus. She’s just being an idiot. And before anyone says, “Well, you must be a middle-aged white male so you obviously have no idea what you’re talking about,” wrong on all counts. And I know I’m not the only female to feel this way, as a group of fellow female students and I were talking about just what a harpy this Diana York Blaine is when one of her letters was printed in the Daily Trojan.