Cathy Seipp reviews my book in National Review Online:

. . . Our School tells a moving and pretty amazing story, of determined students and teachers who really do transform D and F grades to passing and above—once the students put their minds to it and their parents understand that “F no es fabuloso” (as one actually assumed), and also that they really shouldn’t make their children miss school and finals for month-long trips visiting family in Mexico.

Thursday night, I got to meet some bloggers and blog readers at (WEDJ Public Charter School for the Performing Arts. The student musical troupe put on an impressive performance.

I’m in New York City at the moment — we saw Spamalot last night — but I’ll be in Philadelphia Wednesday, May 17 at 5:30 pm for an Our School reading at Russell Byers Charter School,, 1911 Arch St. in Center City. Again, I’m hoping guests will donate a children’s book — there will be children’s books on sale — to the elementary school’s library. I hope Philadelphians will come by.

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