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Ms. Cornelius refuses to give extra credit to a student who has missed assignments and failed quizzes.

L’enfant was out of class for the last half of first semester having her baby. She then missed part of second semester. Her homebound teacher claimed she completed tons of work to the tune of a 90%, which is about 50% higher than she ever attained when she was in actual attendance in my class, and this with a newborn home, to boot. She has been meeting with a guidance counselor for hours now to figure out how she’s going to “get her credits.” Counselor had called me, and I told her L’enfant was not passing, but with a good exam grade, she could pull it off.

She is not passing any class. She passed my class first semester due to the miraculous intervention of the homebound instructor. When she came back, her preferred position was trying to see how long her head could stay down before I made her sit up. Four unfinished assignments turned in during that time, and quiz scores in the mid-40s. I saw her after school with her baby, but she did not come to tutoring.

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  1. Prof210 says:

    Perhaps it would be good to offer a grade such as “E”. E could be given to students who “haven’t passed the class but aren’t likely to benefit from re-taking it”. Thus, the student could be “passed along” in hopes that he or she would eventually do the work required to actually benefit from class without being given a bogus grade of passing or subjecting the student or other teachers to having an uninterested student taking attention away from students who are prepared to work to learn.

  2. Why would you want to inflict the student on a teacher in a more advanced class when she won’t even attempt to do the work in the class she is already flunking. That makes no sense at all.

    Do you think that at some time in the future this student will have a sudden and miraculous awakening and she will immediately comprehend the more advanced stuff? What you are doing is penalizing the current class by having her wafted along to keep interrupting the learning process and that is going to interfere with the students who have learned despite her presence or absence in classes.

  3. BadaBing says:

    Girls that have babies in high school should be expelled, along with their sperm donors.