Don’t take your children to work in Washington

A Washington state family that homeschools its seven children has moved to Idaho to escape child labor laws after being fined $30,000 for employing their teen-age sons in the family’s house-moving business. Father Jude Doty also was fined $100,000 for “unfair business advantage” on the theory he was able to underbid competitors because he doesn’t pay his children. In his account, Doty says the family lost their home and business as a result of the case.

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  1. Welcome to the real reason for illegal alien labor – it isn’t because we won’t do the jobs – it’s because those who in the past did them aren’t allowed to anymore.

    I picked strawberries one summer when high school aged and it did quite nice things to my bank account.

  2. Ryan Grant says:

    From the NPR article:

    “It all started when the state got tips about then-thirteen year old Zach riding down the street on top of a house, reaching up to keep power lines from snagging. Doty says doing something constructive with your kids shouldn’t be a crime. But in Washington state, what they do is a crime. It’s a violation of child labor law.”

    I’m with the state on this one. This isn’t an attack on child labor–it’s an attack on putting a 13 year old in a profoundly stupid situation because you won’t want to pay someone to do it.

  3. Ryan:
    You evidently have never worked on a farm. Ranging from repairing fence in the middle of a flooded creek, dealing with an escaped bull, breeding a boar and butchering a half dozen pigs all before I was fifteen. And I was just summer help, the kids who lived full time in the country grew up quickly.

    Just like that 13yr old.