Children without soccer

In “What Did You Do In the Mommy Wars, Daddy?,” Cathy Seipp takes on on child-status-obsessed parents, closing with this revelation about her daughter:

But I’m afraid that Cal and his ilk will be even more miffed to learn that Maia’s high-school resume included not one team sport. You don’t know how grateful I am that her lack of interest there saved me untold hours of boring chauffering and pretend cheering. Oh, I know, I know – girls should be encouraged to play sports so they won’t be anorexic or obsess that boys don’t find them attractive. But I say it’s P.E., and I say the hell with it.

Great line.

I thought I’d raised the only girl in California never to have played soccer or any other team sport.

Update: Laura at 11D is preparing to teach as an adjunct professor in the fall, which means hiring a babysitter for her son, who can’t handle group care situations. She asks for help in setting the ground rules.

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  1. Team sports can be important. I never played team sports as a youngster and don’t miss it a bit, but I had a crew I hung with who engaged in other activities. On the other hand, every single friend my son has he met via team sports. I think it’s because he needs something to “break the ice”, as he’s a very shy, reserved child in public.

  2. I never played team sports, either. Sometimes I wish I had, though. My parents decided that the violin and community orchestra was enough for me. 🙁

  3. Indigo Warrior says:

    Team sports is nothing more than a glorified cult of sadism, as in sublimated human sacrifice rituals. I wish I had lived on a civilized planet, free of sports and other religion. Let the goddamn gladiators massacre each other and leave me alone.