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Very few students are illegal immigrants, Education Sector points out.

I was taken by the data on Limited English Proficient students:

. . . most LEP students aren’t foreign-born. In fact, a significant number of LEP students aren’t the children of immigrants at all. As Chart Four shows, less than half of students with limited English proficiency are first-generation immigrants. Significantly, more than one in five LEP students are third-generation immigrants, indicating that some of the biggest challenges in helping students learn English lie with native-born children in linguistically isolated households.

I’d say it shows that the system for classifying children as Limited English Proficient is lousy. Children with poor reading skills are classified as LEP if they have a Spanish last name, regardless of their English fluency.

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  1. That’s really…well, not what I would have expected. Although, they did mention linguistically isolated households. My parents knew very little English and spoke Korean to my brother and me while little kids. But apparently the neighborhood was mainly English-speaking. My mom read a lot of books to us (mispronunciation and all, since she didn’t know that much English) and I watched shows such as Sesame Street. All of this was enough so that I attended the regular preschool class instead of ESL.