Well MATCHed

MATCH school’s “afterschool specialists” are featured in the Boston Globe.

With their easy, teasing banter, Crismel Calderon and Sheetal Shah could be sisters or schoolmates as they sit side by side, hunting through a thesaurus for the right word to describe a character in Gloria Naylor’s novel, ”The Women of Brewster Place.”

”How do you say this word: ‘pom-poos’?” Calderon asks, brow furrowed.”Pompous,” Shah enunciates, then defines it.”Oh, I like that,” Calderon exclaims, brightening. ”It describes a lot of them.”

Each MATCH tutor works with four or five students throughout the year in mandatory tutorial periods. Tutors live in a dorm upstairs in the school building, a former auto parts shop. Shah gave up a high-paid corporate consulting job to tutor at MATCH, which stands for Media and Technology Charter High.

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  1. Indigo Warrior says:

    Watch out. With real brains, a knowledge-based college degree, plus three weeks of training, these tutors will easily outperform the so-called professional teachers and their unions.