Teachers’ tempers online

In Britain, students have a new game: Goad the teacher into losing his temper, then film the teacher’s rant on a cell phone camera and put the tirade online for all to enjoy.

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  1. I find this deeply disturbing. They are purposely trying to hurt someone else’s feelings to the point where they behave unprofessionally, then film it and post it on the web (sometimes with Photoshopped “enhancements,” apparently) for the amusement and enjoyment of their fellow students.

    And they are doing this to their TEACHERS. I guess there’s no one left who deserves any human kindness or respect. What’s next, goading doctors or ministers until they snap, and then filming it, setting it to clever music, and putting it on the web? Feh. My fellow humans disgust me sometimes.

    I don’t know – I guess the answer is if a student starts acting like that is to either walk out of the classroom (what I would probably do here at my college) and/or call security, saying you are feeling “threatened.”

    That, or confiscate the $*)%& cell phones as soon as you see the student take one out. But that would probably cause a giant outcry from students who feel they are entitled to call/text message their friends at any time, and a giant outcry from parents who believe that when the world ends, they will need to call their kids on their cell phones to let them know…

    when the “picture-capable” cell phones came out, I said to a friend, “Nothing good can come of this.” I guess I was right – while you wouldn’t allow a student to bring a video camera to class, they HAVE to have cell phones, because, you know, what would happen if there were an EMERGENCY and their parents needed to get in touch with them….