School of fear

In a tough neighborhood in Berlin, teachers want their school to be closed, The Telegraph reports.

Things had deteriorated to such an extent at the state school – in a district where 80 per cent of pupils are from Muslim immigrant families – that it had become virtually impossible to teach, and some staff feared for their lives. At the end of their tether, staff wrote to the authorities pleading for the school to be closed.

Led by Petre Eggebrecht, the acting head teacher, their letter said: “We are desperate. Our teaching is met with flat rejection. The mood in the classrooms is one of aggression, complete lack of respect and ignorance. Instructions are ignored. Few students bring relevant material, and many of us will only enter a lesson with a cell phone in order to call for help in an emergency.”

Students, mostly from Turkish families, speak pidgin German.

Time’s cover story on the high drop-out rate in U.S. high schools includes a sidebar praising Germany’s apprenticeships, which are open only to students who earn a diploma.

Private-sector apprenticeships have long been a mainstay of Germany’s robust vocational-education program ā€” so much so that in 2004, 58% of students finished high school with three-year training contracts in hand. Historically, more than two-thirds of the trainees end up with permanent job offers by the time those contracts are up.

At the violent Berlin school last year, “not a single pupil passed enough examinations to graduate into employment,” The Telegraph says.

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  1. In order to survive as a nation and a people, Germany must first begin deporting Turks en masse. Such a policy is insensitive, intolerant, and politically incorrect, but these immigrants and their offspring are a ticking time bomb of megaton proportions. Second, Germans must start marrying and having children again. Of course, neither will ever happen.

  2. Wayne Martin says:

    The EU has been reluctant to admit Turkey to its little “family”. One can only wonder how this sort of thing will help Turkey gain membership.

  3. It’s not just an insensitive, intolerant, politically incorrect policy, it’s also a politically, economically and logistically impossible policy.

    Since the Germans aren’t going suddenly boost their birth rate, and even if they did it would take a decade or two for the effects to have much impact, the only other option is to try to integrate the guest workers into Germany by opening up the immigration policy.

    It may be too late though. The Turkish population is so large and so independent of German culture that they may be able to resist assimilation. And, there’s the problem of the German nativists who’ve already shown a willingness to teach uppity Turks how goot leetle Germans handle problems.

    I think though that somethings going to have to give and I just hope it isn’t Germany.

  4. Wayne Martin says:,1,7753901.story

    Dutch to Muslims: Do you really want to settle here?

    By Tom Hundley
    Tribune foreign correspondent
    Published April 9, 2006

    ROTTERDAM, Netherlands — The new test for foreigners who want to apply for Dutch residency is, well, very Dutch.

    It features a DVD that illustrates various aspects of Dutch life, including, most notably, a topless woman frolicking in the surf and two men kissing warmly. The message couldn’t be more explicit: This is who we are; if you don’t accept it, don’t come.

    Although the DVD doesn’t single out any particular group, the intended target of the message is clear. Growing numbers of conservative Muslim immigrants are seen by many Dutch as posing a threat to the Netherlands’ liberal consensus and easygoing lifestyle.

    The Dutch are not alone. Britain and Germany are toying with the idea of citizenship tests that would examine cultural values of Muslim immigrants. In the wake of Sept. 11, the attacks in London and Madrid, and the Danish cartoon controversy, Europeans are struggling to come to grips with a widening culture gap between themselves and an increasingly alienated Muslim immigrant community.

    The article above suggests that the unrespited wave of Islamic intolerance and terrorism is not what they signed for when they endorsed “multi-culturalism” some time back.