Outsourcing labor

Outsourcing labor to India includes labor, reports the Los Angeles Times. Surrogacy — “wombs for rent” — is a growing business.

ANAND, India — As temp jobs go, Saroj Mehli has landed what she feels is a pretty sweet deal. It’s a nine-month gig, no special skills needed, and the only real labor comes at the end — when she gives birth.

If everything goes according to plan, Mehli, 32, will deliver a healthy baby early next year. But rather than join her other three children, the newborn will be handed over to an American couple who are unable to bear a child on their own and are hiring Mehli to do it for them.

The $5,000 she’ll earn as a surrogate is six times her salary as a village schoolteacher, but will save the adopting couple thousands of dollars. In addition, the laws in India don’t let a surrogate mother change her mind and demand custody.

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  1. God bless Saroj Mehli.

  2. The piece buried one of the more interesting aspects of this: most of the couples seeking a surrogate are Indian, or at least one half of each couple is. That explains a lot more than the reporter bothered to write.