Number 2 guestwonk

Kimberly Swygert of Number 2 Pencil, one of my blogchildren, is moving to The Education Wonks, where she’ll be guestblogging. Kimberly’s getting married and she’s too busy to maintain a solo blog. Well, I’m getting married too. She should be guestblogging for me!

Seriously, I’m glad Kimberly has found to combine having a life with blogging. And I’d be delighted to have her guestblog for me. Even though we’re taking our laptops on the honeymoon.

Must go. We’re meeting with the wedding ceremony performer and then with the caterer before going to Borders for the reading. Did I mention I have a cold and feel like a zombie? A zombie with a cold.

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  1. You’re getting married? Congratulations!

  2. I saw “cold” and “feel like a zombie” and because I was only skimming, I read “cold feet”. You’d just mentioned getting married, and I thought it rather odd that you’d make such a personal pronouncement on the internet!

    So when would CaliEduBloggerCon work for you? July, some time? It’s time I start organizing this, I think.