Newark, New Orleans, what’s the diff?

Cory Booker, a black Democrat running for mayor of Newark, New Jersey, supports school vouchers because the Newark schools are such a mess. So Booker’s foes are running ads blaming him for Hurricane Katrina, notes Hit and Run.

BTW, isn’t “vote no to vouchers” grammatically incorrect?

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  1. Booker is too smart to be mayor of some third rate city. I don’t get why he’s not working on Wall St. making millions. A better use of his talents than trying to clean up the cesspoll that is urban NJ.

  2. “Vote no to …” does sound strange to me. It sounds like a construction created by analogy with “say no to (drugs, etc.).” But to my surprise, Google has ~238,000 hits for “vote no to” and only 877 for “vote no against.”

  3. “Vote no against” looks grammaticaly worse than “vote no to”. The correct form, “vote no on”, gets ~783,000 hits.

  4. Booker is an almost certain winner in the mayoralty election. However, he’d need a change in state law to get vouchers in Newark. Since Newark schools spend more per student than some of the best suburban schools in the area, Repbulicans would limit the amount of the voucher to a level which would not provide real choice to students, Democrats will bow to teachers’ union opposition, and Independents will “pull up the ladder” to their suburban schools to make sure their kids are not “exposed” to kids from the inner city trying to get an education.

  5. M. J. Wise says:

    Wow, the only thing that ad was missing was Kanye West’s sound bite “George Bush doesn’t like black people.”