Carnival, carnival

In the new Carnival of Education at The Ed Wonks, Science Goddess writes about why most teacher-bloggers choose to be anonymous. Rebecca at Upside Down World reflects on the reaction to the teacher-blogger who was outed after criticizing his low-performing school and its out-of-control students.

When I was in college, I worked with teenaged boys in Illinois state prisons – some of whom no doubt came from this school. They had horrible lives and had been dealt a raw deal from the beginning. Almost to a child, they needed healing from abusive and traumatic experiences in their lives. However, in order to move forward they needed not to be coddled and given “encouraging words and positive re-enforcement” – they needed to start doing things which could be encouraged and displaying behaviors worth re-enforcing. We have done a great disservice to many kids, but especially to inner-city kids who already have such a rough road to walk by emphasizing feeling good about yourself just because you suck air with the rest of humanity instead of building competency and the idea that respect is earned through positive behaviors and accomplishments.

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