Bucket lockdown

News of the weird: An elementary principal in Inglewood, California locked down the school to prevent students leaving for immigration rallies. Students weren’t allowed to leave class on March 27, even to go to the restroom. Instead, they used buckets in the classroom as toilets. Some teachers ignored the bucket order and escorted students to the restrooms.

Worthington Elementary School Principal Angie Marquez . . . apparently misread the district handbook and ordered a lockdown designed for nuclear attacks.

It was an “honest mistake,” said a district official.

Translated from educationese, that means: It was an incredibly stupid mistake by a principal without a shred of common sense but we’re not going to fire her just yet.

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  1. Can you say – Good intention (keep the kids in school), bad execution?

  2. It could be that this is another, whole language-related tragedy:

    Marquez (the principal) apparently misread the district handbook and ordered a lockdown designed for nuclear attacks.

    Alternatively, since the principal was reading the district handbook for guidance, it may be that the distinction between a mass march and a weapon of mass destruction isn’t clearly defined. Or that the handbook commands the same response to both situations.

    I suspect that there’ll shortly be an addendum to the district handbook which lists all the various circumstances in which a principal might be required to make the kids crap in buckets or, as they’ll probably be referred to in the handbook, multimodal manual material transportation containers.

  3. Richard Nieporent says:

    Did she also make them Duck and cover?

  4. How would staying in the classroom protect one from a nuclear attack, anyhow?

  5. Walter E. Wallis says:

    Reminds me of a tasteless joke.
    Mrs. O’Reilly came home all bruised and bloody. Her husband asked what happened.
    “Well, I had a doctor’s appointment today and the nurse said to bring in a specimen. I asked Kate O’Grady what that was, she said **** [urinate] in a bottle, I said **** [defecate] in your hat and the fight was on!”