Arms are not for hugging

A five-year-old girl in Massachusetts was forced to write a letter denouncing hugging after a playground aide accused her of returning a friend’s hug by bear-hugging her and lifting her off the ground.

At issue is a hug Savannah said she got on the playground from a friend named Sophie. Savannah hugged Sophie back. The hugs resulted in Savannah having to write a letter, complete with teacher corrections, that read, “I touch Sophie because she touch me and I didn’t like it because she was hugging me. I didn’t like when she hugged me.”

Both girls are in kindergarten. And Savannah lied in the letter when she said she didn’t like hugging, her mother said.

The parents are looking for an apology or a new school.

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  1. Indigo Warrior says:

    Did Savannah hurt Sophie or make her feel uncomfortable? Was there malice involved? I don’t think so. More BS from educators with no clue how to recognize or stop real bullying and fighting!

  2. Wayne Martin says:

    Not many people commenting on this story.

    Here’s the feedback on this story from the TV station’s WEB-site:

  3. Ryan Grant says:

    It was a playground aide, not a teacher.