Jonathan Kozol is Education’s Greatest Monster, writes D-Ed Reckoning, in response to this interview.

Education’s lovable crank, Jonathan Kozol, recently surpassed Alfie Kohn as Education’s Greatest Monster while on the road promoting his latest jeremiad.

No longer content in rehashing his pessimistic view that poor kids can’t learn –wait for it– as long as they’re poor, he is now actively bashing effective instructional programs ostensibly because they are successful in educating poor kids. This is an impossibility under his pet theory.His blissfully fact-free siren songs are very alluring to our gullible educators. He is one of the most often cited sources for education apologists. This is because he basically just says what he wants with complete disregard to the facts.

It’s not true, as Kozol claims, that poor children or black children catch up if they go to schools in affluent communities.

In Part II, DR cites data to refute Kozol’s attack on scripted reading programs.

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