The South rises

Reading and math scores are rising faster in the South than elsewhere in the country, reports the Christian Science Monitor.

Much of the national progress reported for 9- and 13-year-olds was driven by gains in the South. For example, while 9-year-olds in the Northeast gained 10 points in reading achievement (the equivalent of a grade level) over the past 30 years, the South gained 24, according to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). While reading scores for 13-year-olds barely budged in most of the United States, the South gained 12 points, more than a grade level.

Southern governors, business leaders and educators “launched the standards movement a decade before it was picked up by the rest of the nation,” the Monitor says. Looking at data by race, ethnicity and income started in the South.

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  1. saudisand says:

    I am not so sure what this all means. I have to think the South was a bit below all of us for some time as it was and that may account for the jump.

  2. Saudisand – but the gains are relatively lower elsewhere — so the South not only had room to gain but is also moving faster (or changing at all – note the “barely budged” in the last sentence Joanne excerpts).

  3. GASP – could it be true?

    How dare Southerners “discriminate” by race, ethnicity, and income to obtain data on education? Isn’t this “RACIST”?