Educating Ms. Chips

The new Carnival of Education links to Ms. Frizzle’s ideal teacher education program, which starts with an undergrad major in something other than education.

I don’t care if you’re going to teach third graders arithmetic, the 50 states, the solar system, and some reading skills, you’re a more interesting person and a better role model if you are really excited by something academic.

That’s just the start.

And don’t miss the post about the mentor who buys volume two of the Princess Diaries for a 10-year-old girl.

First paragraph ends with the word “premenstrual” and the first page ends with “My mom is having my Algebra teacher’s baby.”

Second and third pages: “Now my mother has to get pregnant out of wedlock. … Why weren’t she and Mr. Gianini using birth control? … Whatever happened to her diaphragm? I know she has one … and what about condoms? Do people my mother’s age think they are immune to sexually transmitted diseases?”

Next week’s carnival host will be David at Ticklish Ears (david[at]ticklishears[dot]com).

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