Cuffing kindergarteners

Handcuffing an unruly five-year-old girl was “premature,” St. Petersburg, Florida police have decided.

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  1. Amazing, this happened on March 14th, and it only took the police 5 months to decide that perhaps they hadn’t handled it well. Sharp minds at work here!

    Of course, Jesse Jackson was there to expose the racism that lurks under every bush.

    I suppose it would have been unreasonable to expect the school authorities to call the girl’s parents and have them take her away? Perhaps expel her?

  2. At first when I read the title, I thought that the police officers were being unreasonable, but after reading what the girl did, I agree that she needed to be handcuffed! A child who behaves like an animal needs to be treated like an animal. The mother plans to press charges? Please! Charges should be brought against the mom for not teaching her child how to properly behave.

  3. In defense of the school and police, I believe I read somewhere that the young girl’s mother was called, but she couldn’t leave work to go get her daughter. (I could be wrong about this, but I’m pretty sure that was the case.) It seems to me that the school was left with little choice but to do what it could. As for criticizing the police officers for how they handled the situation, that’s an easy thing to do because no one wants to see a five-year-old handcuffed by police. However, the fact of the matter is someone CALLED the police; they didn’t just materialize out of thin air. As for Chief Chuck Harmon saying that the responding police officers should have “allowed school officials to take the lead in handling it,” that’s a silly thing to say, and I hope that isn’t his answer in every situation. If I call the police because someone breaks into my home, I hope the police will take the lead in taking care of things and won’t wait to see how I will handle the situation before they step in and do something. Once the police were called to this school, someone expected and wanted them to take over the situation (and suffer the subsequent fallout). Obviously if someone else could have handled this little girl, they would have.

  4. Mr. Davis says:

    We need a bright line. Should the kid draw blood or render a victim unconscious before the police can restrain?

  5. Walter E. Wallis says:

    I have had to restrain children a few times when they would have hurt themselves and others had they be left free. A straitjacket might have been more appropriate, but cops seldom carry them.

  6. SuperSub says:

    If I remember the story correctly, the mother did repeatedly refuse to pick the child up despite her continued violence against the faculty and administrators. The school was probably afraid of a near-certain lawsuit if they were to try to physically restrain the five-year old, so they called the police to lesson their liability.
    I don’t see much of a choice the school or police had; it was the child and the mother’s refusal to take responsibility that caused the situation. If her job wouldn’t let her take care of her child, then she should find another one. I’ve heard supporters of the mother on the news say that everyone would do the same as the mother in this situation… but I can confidently say that I would never do this.

  7. It also sounds like the Mom is wanting to get some money out of the Police Dept and/or the school.

    The problem is, the school and the cops are NOT supposed to be expected to deal with a bratty child, the mother was. And yes, I do remember reading that the mother was called, but could not come get her bratty kid. So what are they left with? Just allow the kid to obliterate everything until her mom feels like coming to get her?

    I say they did the right thing. And for them to be reprimanded even, I think they didn’t even deserve that.