The Carnival Of Education features teacher Darren’s battle with an educator-mom who wants to get him fired because her 13-year-old son could get from Darren’s Breasts Not Bombs post to photos of the rally. With real nekkid breasts, though not very seductive ones.

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  1. Ross the Heartless Conservative says:

    I don’t blame the mom for being upset, those have to be the worst breast I have ever seen. My eyes are still hurting from washing them out with lye after viewing that. I suspect the mom is afraid that this is the schools way of promoting homosexuality.

  2. I liked the breasts.

  3. Ross the Heartless Conservative says:

    And that is what makes America great. Robert can have his preferences, I can have mine, and neither one of use has the right to impose our preference on the other.

  4. God bless America.

    And to think that little Elian is still in Cuba where nice breasts are only nice if Fidel says they are.

    Of course, there are liberals among us who would say that our concept of beauty is not individually formed but subconciously molded by the conformist American consumer socity that bombards us daily with images in the media that reflect a single ideal.

    I really don’t like them when they sag, but it’s important to take a stand and refute liberalism on all fronts.

  5. After dozens of comments on the two posts relating to this incident, my antagonist Sandy has either started searching for my principal’s contact information (not hard to find) or has decided that discretion is the better part of valor and dropped the matter.