Drug-proofing preschoolers

Scotland is trying to “drug-proof” the next generation by teaching nursery school children to avoid illegal drugs (“bad medicine”). “Childcare staff will be taught how to deal with children whose parents are drug users,” reports The Scotsman. I wonder how.

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  1. Walter E. Wallis says:

    What about children whose parents drink Scotch?

  2. At some point, don’t you just encourage drugs by talking about them so much? For example, a friend’s 8 year old son was given the idea to look up “boobies” on the internet after one too many discussions at school and church about the need to avoid all the bad things and people on the internet. It’s a fine line, I suspect, between introducing a topic like this early enough to make a difference and giving students information about things that they wouldn’t otherwise have discovered or considered at such an early age. Then again, I’m ancient because I grew up before the PC or the internet. But my mom grew up before ball point pens or scotch tape! (No scotch in that tape, by the way).