Don't sell your soul to the devil

While I was in Ashland, I visited a former colleague who’s left the newspaper business to run a bed-and-breakfast two blocks from the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Actually, Lynn Louie’s Main Street Inn rents two large suites with two bedrooms, living room and kitchen. Tell Lynn I sent you.

We say Faustus (talky but great Hell effects), Love’s Labour’s Lost (reminded me of old Hollywood movie where four sailors woo four dames), Room Service (funny but not the Marx Brothers) and Richard III (great spidery depiction of Richard, who has more fun with evil than poor old Faust). On the drive back, we rented a ski boat and zoomed around Lake Shasta for two hours. It was a great break from home staging and selling.

Next week, I’m on the road again, including another lake — this one in Illinois — and a quick trip to Raleigh, North Carolina, where I’m getting together with Betsy of Page fame.

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  1. Walter E. Wallis says:

    Stop having fun!

  2. greeneyeshade says:

    Remember, ‘Room Service’ wasn’t written for the Marx Bros. I saw it 20-odd yrs ago in Minneapolis and thought it actually worked better without them (although I guess we do miss Harpo and the flying turkey).