A deferred idea

Some British teachers want to ban the word “fail” in classrooms, replacing it with “deferred success.” The Professional Association of Teachers will discuss the idea at a conference next week.

How, um, deferred do they think their students are?

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  1. P. Abel says:

    Some PC wordplay is just too sad and ridiculous to comment upon. Although, I have to ask, wouldn’t that make passing a deferred defeat?

  2. what about the ones that can never “un-defer”?

    I mean, I’m all for giving second chances (and in some cases, maybe, third chances), but for goodness sake, call “failing” what it is. I’ve failed at things – and had people tell me, “You failed” and I’m still here. I didn’t blow up or melt or anything like that.

    although, that said, a person could have fun with it.

    I’m not a “spinster,” I’ve just deferred marrying.
    I’m not broke, I’m just deferred rich.
    I’m not overweight, I’m just deferred thin.

    We’re not alive; we’re just all deferred dead.

  3. Walter E. Wallis says:

    Perhaps deferred paychecks?