The 'dean of plagiarism'

At Cactus Shadows High School in Arizona, a social studies teacher named L. Mark Sweeney, told graduates to “look at the view,” using the same speech he’d given to National Honor Society. It also was nearly identical to a speech by Anna Quindlen written for Villanova’s 1999 graduation. Quindlen never gave the speech, fearing protests of her support for abortion rights would ruin the graduation, “Look at the View” is available online.

Once the Sonoran News realized Sweeney had plagiarized the speech, a reporter checked out the history fellowship he’d won. He’d lifted the topic.

At least, the teacher chose a pleasant, brief speech to steal. Erica Jong was booed at College of Staten Island for a downbeat graduation speech that went on for 40 minutes.

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  1. BadaBing says:

    Re: Erica Jong’s speech

    Jong’s son-in-law is a professor at CSI. I’d be embarrassed if I were he, but he’s probably getting all kinds of support from his fellow elitist professors. I thought the divide in opinion betwixt the parents (who pay tuition) and the dipsy-doodle CSI President was hilarious:

    “It was disgusting, despicable,” said the Fort Wadsworth woman, who would not give her surname. “She called politicians liars, called us all liars. She trashed America. Mostly, she just wanted to talk. It was personal spewing. There was nothing about graduation.”


    Dr. Marlene Springer, president of CSI, said: “We are delighted to have had such a noted author at our commencement. Her message, that we need to look closely at words and (that) their power is important, I’m sure our audience understands.”