Spa camp

Spa camp starts with manicures, Newsweek reports. Then the girls move on to scrubbing technique.

“Who knows why it’s important to moisturize after we exfoliate?” asks the counselor. “Um, ’cause the skin’s all open and stuff?” says Hannah Vandeventer, 12. “Right. Girls, rub in the cream.”

Instead of roughing it in the wilds, some summer campers are learning to luxuriate.

The adult resort Canyon Ranch now offers a Pilates-and-massage camp in Pennsylvania for teens, while Washington state’s Wolf Camp boasts a herbal-medicine-and-spa program. Of the estimated 10,000 overnight or day camps, more and more are offering specialty programs like stuntman school and fashion design to an increasingly sophisticated kid demographic.

Sophisticated or spoiled?

The southern California spa camp costs $1,400 a week, which includes yoga and etiquette.

The New York Times has a story on “fat camps” for overweight kids.

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  1. At least as far as the “Spa Camp” is concerned, I’d have to go with “spoiled.” If our 13-year-old daughter (the TeenWonk) sees this story, she’ll be pestering me to take out another mortgage!

    *sigh* Whatever happened to canoes, leather-crafts, wood-working and Hello Mudda, Hello Fadda?

  2. Wow. $1400 a week. For one person. To learn how to wash her face.

    My church just sent seven kids to church camp for a whole week for that cost. (And I would expect that they would get more, in terms of their life perspective, being a good citizen, and needing to love their neighbors, than someone would get from an exfoliant camp).

    $1400 is also more than half of my monthly take home pay (that is, after taxes and all the necessary removals for insurance, etc.)

    It boggles the mind. I think “spoiled” is right. Then again, if the parents have $1400 to throw away like that, God bless ’em. At least they’re keeping a few yogis and aestheticians off the street this summer.

  3. It sounds silly, but it does give the rich brats something to do. I wish there were also Mad Scientist / Evil Genius camps too – especially during my youth.