So over

After three years teaching FBI pedophile investigators how to impersonate teen-agers online, Karen and Mary are being retired. At 16, they’re too old, reports the Baltimore Sun.

It all started when one of the girls’ fathers, an FBI agent, saw his daughter at their home computer. When he looked at her screen, all of the instant-messaging windows quickly disappeared except for one.

“POS” was the only word on the screen.

His daughter refused to say what the word meant. Her father insisted.

“POS,” she explained, stands for “parent over shoulder.”

Intrigued, the agent then asked one of his undercover agents working on tracking pedophiles on the Internet about the term. She didn’t know either.

Then, the girl’s father said, he knew it was time to bring in reinforcements.

So his daughter enlisted a friend, and together Karen and Mary designed a hip vocabulary list, crafted a quiz on teen culture and played hit songs for dozens of agents from around the world, often on a monthly basis.

Undercover agents knew that Internet predators screened potential victims for their knowledge of basic chat lingo such as BTW (“by the way”) and LOL (“laughing out loud”) and whether pop groups such as the Backstreet Boys were still cool. (Karen: “That is, like, so five years ago.”)

The FBI is looking for younger teen-agers to keep agents informed on new slang and styles that Karen and Mary have outgrown.

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