Separate sashes

A black father named Bill Stamps argues in the LA Times that special graduation ceremonies for minority students are obsolete and divisive.

In the general public graduation exercise my wife and I attended, the black and Latino students wore special sashes, which they had received at “their” ceremonies. Could we handle whites having their own “sashes”? The days of “white only” have ended. Great! However, shouldn’t the same be true for “black only,” “Latino only,” “Asian only,” etc.?

. . . At the African American-only graduation exercise, one of the speakers, after charging the students to be successful in life, concluded by saying, “After all, we are not the racists; they are.” I would like to know who “they” are and who “we” are. I think “we” have become “they.”

All three of Stamps’ children were graduated from universities that held separate ceremonies for blacks.

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  1. ragnarok says:

    What? In the L.A.Times? Does Bill Stamps have no pity? At this very moment, ambulances are howling their way towards the Times’ HQ to administer CPR to the editorial board, starting with Robert Scheer.

  2. You’re just confused.

    The LATimes editorial pages carry conservative viewpoints and as a counterbalance, their editorial copy carries liberal viewpoints. I hope this clears things up.