Grim picture

The mother of an 11-year-old girl in Queens, NY is demanding that 200 school year books be recalled because they are unhappy with the sixth-grader’s unattractive photo. The mother thinks the picture — which isn’t all that bad — will haunt the girl for the rest of her life.

Update: Here’s another case of a mother who cares too much.

I’m reminded of a kid in my daughter’s play group years ago who was voted Most Likely To Need Early Psychotherapy.

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  1. I wonder what the family thinks of the fact that ABC has now posted the “bad” photo online (and presumably shown it on the air too).

  2. Why does she bother? Dealing with school yearbooks is great practice for getting a driver’s license photo…

  3. esunola says:

    This story really has me scratching my head. First of all, why in the world is an 11 year old’s school picture worthy of any news attention? With everything that is going on in the world this is considered one of the most important stories of the day? And since when did the hurt feelings of an 11 year old carry so much weight? I guess ABC was just thinking any story that gets Natalee Holloway off the news for 10 minutes is a good thing.

  4. Anthony says:

    Well, if the girl gets hit by a car or eaten by a pit bull before her first high-school yearbook picture gets published, that’s the picture that’s going to be in all the papers.

    But it’s not the hurt feelings of an 11-year-old that matter, it’s the hurt feelings of the 11-year-old’s mother that matter.

  5. ABC is doing the story because it’s light-weight filler. The mom must be nuttier than fruitcake.

  6. BadaBing says:

    It looks to me like the kid has a terminal case of ugliness, and that the mother is tryting to cultivate the girl’s inner self to match the outer.

  7. I didn’t know elementary schools had yearbooks. This sounds like a good target for cost-cutting.

    In my day we had class pictures, but I’d have been happy to burn every one of those.

  8. Jack Tanner says:

    ‘The mother thinks the picture — which isn’t all that bad — will haunt the girl for the rest of her life.’

    And that’s Mom’s job

  9. Half Canadian says:

    Yeah, elementary school yearbooks are a waste of budget. The goal is for no one to care where you went to 6th grade after you grow up.

  10. When I was a kid, I had my share of horrible school pictures. (I’d like to burn each and every one of them, but my mother has some kind of strange sentimental attachment to them). I didn’t even REALIZE it was possible to complain about a bad picture.

    I just figured it was part of life – you get lined up, you get stood against that peculiar pale-blue background, you get an unflattering picture of yourself taken.

    We had junior high (6-7-8 grade) yearbooks but they were a total waste. I wouldn’t have minded at all if we’d not had them. For that matter, I’ve not looked at my highschool yearbooks since I graduated.

    This is such a stupid thing for a person to be upset about. If the biggest thing that woman has to worry about in life is that her kid has a less-than-flattering snapshot in a school yearbook, she should fall down on her face and give thanks for what an untroubled life she leads.

  11. elfcharm says:

    I don’t understand why the school would be willing to capitulate to the mother…
    I mean, public school is a public place
    in public places you have no reasonable expectation of privacy
    which means that you have no rights over any pictures taken of you.
    which means that the mother can’t really do anything to the school.
    so…why is the school listening to her?

  12. nailsagainsttheboard says:

    The tyranny of the minority….

    This mother needs to get a life…we’ve all suffered through bad photos…deal with it. If the principal agreed to this idiotic request, shame on the principal.

  13. What is far more likely to haunt this girl for the rest of her life, altho I have hopes she will transcend it, is having a muther this hung up on externalities.

  14. BadaBing says:

    Why is the school listening to her? Because administers are whimps and fear the big lawsuit.

  15. While I agree that the mother needs a swift kick, I find ABC’s GMA needs one even more for giving her nonsense a national forum. I saw the show and they made a big sloppy deal over the girl’s hurt feelings. They even had a professional photographer take a picture of her to make her feel better. The message for this child is clear; whine loud and long enough and you’ll be rewarded.

    Years books in my experience aren’t typically paid for out of the school’s budget. Yearbooks, just like photos, candy, gift wrap, and cookie dough sales are revenue generators. The companies charge the schools less than what the parents pay for them. The profits go to the school, or in my school’s case, to the PTA who runs the yearbook project. Elementary schools do it because they show a profit, not just because they want to be nice.

  16. Badabing.

    The principal is not being a wimp. The P said that they would not reprint all the yearbooks in order to make mom happy. Thats why mom has gone to the media. The P offered to have the girl’s pictures taken over, but only for her personally, not new yearbooks. ABC and GMA are the ones here who look like fools.

    The companies that my school uses always offer opportunities to retake a bad photo. Wonder why mom didn’t have that done.