Elementary school gangs

School uniforms — a policy originally pushed by parents — reduced gang violence in Ed Wonk’s school. He notes that Turlock plans to expand its clothing restrictions to elementary schools because of gang concerns.

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  1. This would be really funny to me if I didn’t know how scary gangs really were.

    I mean, think of it – drive-by water balloonings, blinged-out Hot Wheels….

    but the idea of six and seven year olds being involved with real gangs that kill real people and intimidate neighborhoods – that’s scary. What do they use the kids for, running drugs and money ‘cos they look more “innocent” and are less likely to be stopped by cops?

  2. Walter E. Wallis says:

    Use conspiracy laws against gangs. Membership would plummet if just belonging would get you jailed for the criminal act of any other member.
    Gangs are the last refuges of cowards, anyway.

  3. The Girl Scouts had a problem in Chicago some time back with girls in one particular neighborhood joining expressly to get around aa school ban on green and black (local gang colors).

  4. Use conspiracy laws against gangs.

    I agree. If school authorities (and police) went after youth gangs with the same zeal they reserve for mostly-harmless “cults”, there would be no gang problem.