Charter success in Chicago

Eduwonk notes a new report on the success of Chicago’s charter school model. Chicago Public Schools actively seek out good charter operators, screen applications carefully, monitor new charters and protect charter schools from bureaucratic interference. Chicago’s charters have strong support from the mayor, political leaders and community groups. Results include strong graduation rates and long waiting lists; compared to students at nearby schools, charter students show faster progress in elementary school and higher test scores in high school.

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  1. I wish I could share Eduwonk’s enthusiasm for district-run charters but I can’t.

    The organization, and the organizational dynamic, that created the desire among parents for any alternative to the current system hardly seems like the right outfit to oversee those charters. When the time arrives to make a decision that balances the interests of the charter against the interests of the district it hardly requires a crystal ball to know which way the decision will go.

    I’m not sure “setting the fox to guard the hen-house” is the best metaphor but I am sure it’s not far of the mark.