All A's

At Seattle’s Garfield High School, 44 out of 406 seniors graduated as valedictorians; all had straight A averages. Bullard High in Fresno had 58 valedictorians this year.

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  1. two words – cage match.

    last straight-A student left standing gets to be the valedictorian.

    (Sorry, I’m in a weird mood today).

  2. Margaret says:

    Gee, ricki, I was thinking they could, like, flip a coin or something… 🙂

  3. SuperSub says:

    God, I’d feel really bad about the people who DIDN’T get valedictorian. If there’s only one, everyone else is in the same boat. But to not be able to be in the top 58 or so, that’s really an insult. It identifies not just a person who excelled but an entire group of people who are better than the rest. It’s more elitest than just having a valedictorian.

  4. superdestroyer says:

    could this be a stunt to get around some sort of numeric limits of graduates going to certain schools. If a school make 11% of its students the number one students, then are 11% of the students really qualified for an Ivy league education?

  5. Mr. Davis says:

    They’ll all be cum laude at Harvard.

  6. SuperSub says:

    Mr. Davis,
    You never know, even the Ivy’s have been known for grade inflation recently.

  7. ricki wrote:
    two words – cage match.

    Nah. Too many of them.

    I was thinking more along the lines of a Battle Royale… 🙂

  8. You never know, even the Ivy’s have been known for grade inflation recently.

    At the “Ivys”, you either work for your grade (and of course your scholarship) or you pay for it. The latter case applies to a certain oil-sheik president from a wealthy Texas family.