'X' is for delete

In Arizona, Mountain Ridge High School’s “X Rated” yearbook included “a table of contents that used ‘Hardcore Action’ to refer to sports pages and ‘Obsessions’ for school clubs.”

Students chose the “X” theme as a playful way to note the school’s 10th anniversary. Some parents told officials such racy language has no place in the school, while others have decided to support the yearbook, which was passed out about a week ago.

An expensive reprinting is in the works. And I have a feeling the yearbook will have a new faculty adviser next year.

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  1. Mike in Texas says:

    Hopefully this is a lesson this young lady will remember. No matter where she goes or what she does she is always a teacher.

    For me that means my “Multiple Orgasm Donator” T-shirt stays home

  2. Mike in Texas says:

    Whoops, posted in the wrong place!! Where’s the edit undo button?