Technology for education

Education Week’s Technology Counts 2005 is out.

California ranks at the bottom in number of computers and technological proficiency of teachers.

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  1. This seems to reflect precisely what many California teachers teach — you don’t need to know the answer, you just need to know where to find it…(that’s probably why “smart” kids have so many books — see above…)

    Well, shucks, California teachers may not have computers at hand, but I’ll bet they know where to find one. That’s just as good, is it not?

    And why, precisely, is technological proficiency even measured? From what I have seen, the teachers that know teaching methodology are the ones that retain their jobs. It does not matter a single bit that the teacher actually know something about the subject they teach. You can teach anything to anybody, if you know how to teach. At least that’s the way it works in my kid’s school districts.


  2. Astonishing – successful, intellegent and involved parents raise the best learners.

    Who woulda thunk it?

  3. Okay, that’s supposed to be for the story above…